TimeOut™ by Keeney

TimeOut™ by Keeney

TimeOut™ by Keeney is an automatic timer valve that can be preset to shut off the water flow to washing machine hoses, reducing pressure on hoses and preventing flooding due to burst hoses.

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Secure Connect Fill Valve

Keeney’s Secure Connect Fill Valve with Supply Line.  Easiest installation of a fill valve, fewer connections to make!  The 12" stainless steel supply line is permanently factory connected eliminating over tightening of the nut (and the leaks that over tightening causes).  Universal fill valve adjusts to fit most toilets with a 9.5" 13.5" height range. Designed for a fast, quiet fill a new fill valve may fix noisy toilets, toilets that continually run and waste water, toilets that are leaking from the tank and toilets that are slow to refill the tank and bowl.


Designer Collection From Keeney

Founded in 1923, KEENEY is continually praised as an industry leader in both the wholesale and retail markets for plumbing products. Introducing the stylish Belanger faucet range to the United States launches the new Designer Collection from Keeney, furthering our mission to bring quality plumbing products to you.
BELANGER is a Canadian leader in the design and manufacture of faucets, and bathtub and shower fixtures, with designs inspired by trends of style and functionality. Created by teams of engineers and industrial designers, ceramic disk cartridges and superior quality components ensure easy installation and superior performance.
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Go Green Initiative

The Keeney Manufacturing Company strives to continually reduce our impact on the environment. By implementing responsible cost saving or cost neutral practices including the conservation of energy, natural resources and the reduction of waste streams to the environment, we confirm our commitment to minimizing our overall environmental impact. We also strive to produce “Green” products that conserve natural resources, reduce packaging and use recyclable materials in our packaging allowing our customers to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint. It is our intent to educate and integrate our employees, customers, business partners and our community on environmental responsibility. We commit to do our part in keeping the world environmentally healthy.

K835-9 Keeney FlushAll™ Flush Valve

Keeney FlushAll™ Flush Valve

The FlushAll™ will improve flushing power by as much as 40%! Create new toilet performance for your existing toilet. The funneling action accelerates water flow and increases flushing power. The FlushAll™ will also improve flush power while reducing water usage! The patented design will easily install in most standard toilet tanks. Includes a flush valve, gasket and tank to bowl bolts, the no cut overflow tube adjusts from 8.5" - 13”.

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