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Go Green Initiative

The Keeney Manufacturing Company strives to continually reduce our impact on the environment. By implementing responsible cost saving or cost neutral practices including the conservation of energy, natural resources and the reduction of waste streams to the environment, we confirm our commitment to minimizing our overall environmental impact. We also strive to produce “Green” products that conserve natural resources, reduce packaging and use recyclable materials in our packaging allowing our customers to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint. It is our intent to educate and integrate our employees, customers, business partners and our community on environmental responsibility. We commit to do our part in keeping the world environmentally healthy.

TimeOut Automatic Shutoff Valve

TimeOut Automatic Shutoff Valve

TimeOut is an automatic timer valve that can be preset to shut off the water flow to washing machine hoses, reducing pressure on hoses and preventing flooding due to burst hoses. TimeOut is perfect for new installations and can be retrofitted to fit existing pipe configurations. The valve is manually turned on by the user, and shuts off after the preset timer times out.

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K835-9 Keeney FlushAll™ Flush Valve

Keeney FlushAll™ Flush Valve

The FlushAll™ will improve flushing power by as much as 40%! Create new toilet performance for your existing toilet. The funneling action accelerates water flow and increases flushing power. The FlushAll™ will also improve flush power while reducing water usage! The patented design will easily install in most standard toilet tanks. Includes a flush valve, gasket and tank to bowl bolts, the no cut overflow tube adjusts from 8.5" - 13”.

3” Toilet Repair Program

An 11 sku line of toilet repair parts to fit the newer, larger 3” trap way toilets. Flappers, Flush Valves, Washers, Gaskets and Seals to replace parts for American Standard, Kohler, Eljer, American Standard Cadet, Toto, Gerber, Mansfield, Crane, Jacuzzi and other new-style toilets. These parts will fix toilets that are running, leaking and not flushing properly.


Lead Free Aerators

New Aerators that are lead free and comply with California AB1953 and Vermont S152. The grouping includes 3 insert kits, that will turn your old aerator into a WaterSense labeled one. 12 traditional aerators that will fit the kitchen or bathroom faucets, 8 of them are WaterSense labeled, and they vary in flow rates from 1.5 GPM to 1.0 GPM and 4 new aerators that have a swivel head. The aerators are available with 3 different water stream types aerated, laminar and spray.
Buy American Act and American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

Buy American Act and American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

The Keeney Manufacturing Company makes complying with the Buy American Act (BAA) and American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) easy.

Keeney’s tubular brass products with the DOM suffix meets the intents and requirements of both the BAA and ARRA. Many of Keeney’s tubular plastic, strainers, grab bars, and water supplies meet these specifications as well.

Keeney Spotlight

  • Miracle Wrap Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

    miracle wrap self-fusing silicone tape

    For plumbing & Electrical repairs

    • Self Fusing Silicone Tape
    • Fix Leaking pipes, insulate connections
    • No adhesive – No sticky residue
  • Keeney Clip Strips

    keeney clip strips

    No need to dedicate shelf or rack space to try out a new Keeney product!
    Keeney Clip Strips are self-contained and come complete with the product, a merchandising clip strip, and a header.

  • The Keeney Manufacturing Company Lead Free Statement

    the keeney manufacturing company lead free statement

    Recently several State and Federal laws have been passed that regulate and reduce the lead content in plumbing parts and fixtures that come in contact with potable water. States including California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana already ha...

  • Cable Drive Bath Drain Trim Kit

    cable drive bath drain trim kit
    Quickly and easily replace the decorative trim pieces for a cable drive bath drain in a whirlpool style bath tub. Available in chrome, the kit includes a new stopper, strainer and faceplate. Cable Drive Trim Kit will fit the Keeney 645PVC series...
  • Thread Sealant Tape

    thread sealant tape

    Four configurations of Thread Seal Tape for use on threads (plumbing or gas) to prevent leaking. All items packaged in ready to merchandise cartons, with full color carton labels, and individual UPC labeled pieces. Ava...

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  • TimeOut Automatic Timer Double Valve Retrofit

    timeout automatic timer double valve retrofit
  • Double Bowl Sink Drainage Installation

    double bowl sink drainage installation
    Continuous Waste Center Outlet for a double bowl sink. See how a double bowl sink can be installed to properly drain into only 1 drainage outlet. Keeney’s plastic tubular parts can be used in existing brass installations.
  • Double Bowl Sink with Garbage Disposal Drainage Installation

    double bowl sink with garbage disposal drainage installation
    End Outlet Disposer Kit into a double bowl sink with a garbage disposal. Finalizing the draining of a garbage disposal installed in a double bowl sink can be completed simply with an end outlet disposer kit, readily available at your home center ...
  • P Trap Installation

    p trap installation
    P Trap installation for the drainage of waste water through a wall outlet. A standard drainage configuration used for both kitchen and lavatory sinks. Keeney’s plastic tubular parts can be used in existing brass installations.
  • S Trap Installation

    s trap installation
    S trap installation for the drainage of waste water through a floor outlet. A drainage configuration that can be used in either the kitchen or the bathroom, when the drainage outlet it through the floor. Keeney’s plastic tubular parts can be use...
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