Keeney's Go Green Initiative

Mission Statement:

Keeney strives to continually reduce our impact on the environment. By implementing responsible cost saving or cost neutral practices including the conservation of energy, natural resources and the reduction of waste streams to the environment, we confirm our commitment to minimizing our overall environmental impact. We also strive to produce “Green” products that conserve natural resources, reduce packaging and use recyclable materials in our packaging allowing our customers to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint. It is our intent to educate and integrate our employees, customers, business partners and our community on environmental responsibility. We commit to do our part in keeping the world environmentally healthy.

Green Products

K835-9 Keeney FlushAll™ Toilet Flush Valve  »

K835-9 keeney flushall™ toilet flush valve
The Keeney FlushAll™ flush valve is a high performance flush valve for your toilet that increases flushing power by 40% while reducing the amount of water used. An average home can save 2,500 gallons of water a year for each toilet with a FlushAll™ installed.

K835-79 Adjustable Flush Valve  »

K835-79 adjustable flush valve
The Keeney Flush Valve features and adjustable timing cone flapper that allows the user to tune the flush for high performance or water saving mode. This product fits in most standard toilets with 2” openings and can be adjusted from 7 ½” to 11 ½”.

PP800-200 Series Low Flow Faucet Aerators  »

low flow faucet aerators
Available in many configurations, these low flow faucet aerators boast a 1.5GPM or 1.0GPM flow rate and are WaterSense labeled. They are also made of out lead free materials, helping you keep the lead out of your drinking water.

10400GCK Green Squeeze Trap  »

10400GCK green squeeze trap
The Keeney green squeeze trap is a J bend made from a rubberized material that is flexible. Its flexibility allows clogs to be easily removed by simply squeezing the clog out without the use of harsh chemicals.

Standard Shower Heads

water save shower head
water save shower head
PP825-3, PP828-3PB, PP825-2, PP825-13, PP822-14, PP825-15
These standard shower heads are available in a variety of finishes and materials and all feature a low 2.0 GPM flow rate.

Deluxe Shower Heads

water save shower head
water save shower head
PP828-49, PP828-50, PP828-51, PP828-52 PP828-49BN, PP828-50BN, PP828-51BN, PP828-52BN
The deluxe shower heads offer a wide range of features including hand held style, adjustable 5 functions, and extra large sunflower style and are available in chrome or brushed nickel and feature a low 2.0 GPM flow rate.

Green Activities

Keeney Celebrates Earth Day

April 22, 2010

The sun shone brightly while the employees of the Connecticut based Keeney celebrated Earth Day at the company headquarters in Newington. During an old-fashioned picnic lunch the employees learned about ways that they can conserve water in their own homes by utilizing products that Keeney makes and sells. Leak Detector Test Tablets were given out to the group so they could test their home toilets to ensure they were not leaking or running and wasting water. Keeney also proudly displayed billboards of the recycling, energy conservation and waste reduction accomplishments that were garnered in the previous year through out all of the facilities. To put the finishing touches on the day, the historic brass, Worlds Fair Fountain churned into action, marking the beginning of a new spring and the continued focus on Green Processes in both the manufacturing and sales arenas.

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