Trim Kits — Installation Instructions


One Man Installation Instructions
  1. Determine if face place being replaced is a single screw or a double screw:
    1. If single screw, remove old faceplate and screw, replace with new factory plate screw (2) and face plate (1). Note: with this applicaation this is no need for the face plate adapter (21).
    2. If double screw, remove old faceplate and screws. Once face plate is removed, reinsert old face plate screws into threaded holes. Place face plate adaper (21) between old face plate screws and secure. Addix face place (1) (with open end down) to overflow with new face plate screw (2).
  2. Remove old drain assembly from the floor of the tub. Determine if drain requires a conversion bushing (20).
    1. If drain required conversion bushing (20), assemble fully on drain assembly (17).
    2. If drain does not require bushing (20), disassemble bushing from drain assembly (17).
  3. Clean hole in tub and apply plumbers putty.
  4. Assemble drain assembly (17) to waste, secure tightly. Wipe any excess putty.


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