Polyethylene Supply Tubes & Tees — Installation Instructions


  1. Turn off water supply leading to work area.
  2. Connect compression union to water inlet tubing (A) in back of refrigerator.
  3. Place brass tubing stiffener (B) into both ends of the poly tubing.
  4. Slip compression nuts and sleeves (C) over the ends of tubing.
  5. Place tubing ends into union (D) and tighten compression nuts.
  6. Run tubing (E) to closest cold water line. (NOTE: Do not cut excess tubing in case refrigerator needs to be moved for cleaning.)
  7. Position saddle section of valve (F) over nearest cold water supply line (3/8" to 3/4" copper tubing or 3/8" to 1/2" iron pipe.)
  8. Position washer (G) between saddle and cold water line and align. Tighten clamp to tube.
  9. Turn handle (L) of saddle valve until it pierces tube. Keep valve closed.
  10. Put compression nut and sleeve (J) over tubing end.
  11. Place poly tubing into outlet of valve (K) and tighten compression nut.
  12. Turn on water supply and open saddle valve (L) water supply.
  13. Inspect for leaks.
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