J Bends — Installation Instructions


1-1/2" Sink Trap  Solvent Weld 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" or 1-1/4" x 1-1/2"

The Sink Trap installs easily to connect your kitchen or lavatory sink to your wall drain. Nuts tighten with simple hand pressure. Solvent weld procedure:
NOTE: Do not solvent weld any parts until all parts have been test-assembled.
IMPORTANT: Ask your dealer for the proper solvent weld cement.
  1. Clean all foreign matter from both mating parts.
  2. Apply solvent weld cement to both mating parts.
  3. Join both parts with a twisting motion.
Recommended procedure for installation:
  1. Turn off water at the tap.
  2. Remove old sink trap.
  3. Remove nut A from inlet of J Bend and select 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" or 1-1/2" washer B or C depending on diameter of tailpiece.
  4. Put nut A and washer on tailpiece and position tailpiece in J Bend.
  5. Align trap to existing plastic stub-out by moving J Bend up and down or swiveling at nut D.
  6. Set trap aside.
  7. Allow at least 3/4" of stub-out to fit into outlet elbow. If stub-out is too long, cut squarely with hacksaw and clean edges.
  8. Take J Bend and elbow apart.
  9. Solvent weld outlet elbow to stub-out pipe
  10. Place J Bend into position and hand tighten nuts A and D securely. Run water to test for leaks.

NOTE: These parts are designed for a hand-tight installation. Pipe thread compound not required.
Installation hint: Since it "traps" items that may fall into the drain and blocks gases from the waste drain system, water and dirt will be present in the existing trap. Place a bucket under the old trap before attempting to remove it.
Pipe or spud wrench (To remove old brass trap)


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