Bathdrains — Installation Instructions


Bath Drain Schedule 40 Cable Driven

Installation Instructions:
  1. Cut tubes to length (Note: for deeper tubs longer length tube may be purchased); use appropriate cleaner and solvent weld cement to attach overflow assembly (A), waste shoe (G), and tee to the overflow tube and waste tube. Per diagram.
  2. Affix rubber tub gasket (B) to overflow assembly (A) and insert overflow assembly into the overflow opening in tub.
  3. Assemble overflow locking plate (C) using internal threaded nipple (D).
  4. Install control handle (E) – tighten set screw (F).
  5. Position waste shoe (G) to bottom of tub with rubber gasket (H) in place between waste shoe and tub.
  6. Install top mount strainer (I) (Using putty on under side of strainer). Secure with threaded waste bolt (J).
  7. Insert stopper (K) and adjust to desired height.


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