Valves — Installation Instructions


Quarter Turn Straight Valve 5/8" OD X 3/8" OD push fit application Lead Free



Before using a wrench or pliers, protect the finish of the chrome nuts with cloth or tape.


  1. Turn off water supply leading to work area & drain water from system.
  2. Squarely cut tubing or pipe to desired length and de-burr stub-out.
  3. Remove safety clip from valve collar.
  4. Mark stub-out ¾” from end, firmly push on valve to ensure it is seated in place and collar has met mark.
  5. Install safety clip back on to valve collar. Safety clip must always remain on valve collar when in use.
  6. Position valve outlet to receive supply line or tube.
  7. Attach supply line to valve or place nut and sleeve on supply tube.
  8. Tighten compression nut to valve securely.



Turn off the water supply, drain water from system, remove safety clip, pull collar towards valve body as you remove from stub out. Replace safety clip.



Do not twist or adjust the valve while under water pressure, make sure the valve is in the desired position prior to turning the water pressure on. After any adjustment, ensure that the valve and pipe connection is properly set by visually confirming the collar has met the previously marked ¾” line as stated in installation procedures. CAUTION: Safety clip should be on at all times, unless removing valve. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH PROPER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS COULD RESULT IN PRODUCT FAILURE AND WATER DAMAGE.

This product is manufactured to industry standard ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125 & NSF/ANSI 61. Tubing used should meet standards ASTM F876, F877, B88, and D2846. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the pipe meets the required dimensions. Outside Diameter should be .625 inch. Pipe sizes may vary by manufacturer and/or batch, failure to meet the required pipe dimensions will cause a product failure. Manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any failure due to faulty or improper installation, stress condition, or excessive foreign substances.

Adjustable wrench, De-burring Tool, and Marker.


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