Toilet Repair Parts — Installation Instructions


Deluxe Toilet Tank Repair Kit For 8-1/2" tanks

Ballcock Installation:
  1. Turn off water supply, disconnect from old ballcock.
  2. Drain water from tank, remove excess water with sponge.
  3. Remove old ballcock.
  4. Insert new ballcock into hole with black rubber washer beveled side down.
  5. Screw locknut on ballcock shank, and tighten.
  6. Screw float ball and float rod into place.
  7. Reconnect supply line and refill tube.
  8. Place end of plastic refill tube into overflow tube at least 1/4” below top.
Tank Lever Installation:
  1. Remove old tank lever.
  2. Place new tank lever into position and tighten locknut, counter-clockwise. (Special left handed nut.)
Tank Ball and Guide Installation:
  1. Remove old tank ball.
  2. Place new tank ball in flush valve.
  3. Position guide holder onto overflow tube.
  4. Loosen set screw and slide lower lift wire through upper lift wire eyelet and guide. Thread into tank ball and tighten all screws.
  5. Place upper lift wire through tank lever and bend.
  6. Turn on water supply. Flush and check for leaks.


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