Elbows — Installation Instructions


1-1/2" Outlet Elbow - 90° For sink trap or washing machine drain connection

The Iron Pipe Size Threaded Outlet Elbow is easily installed to attach your washing machine drain connection to a 1-1/2" threaded pipe stub-out or to connect an IPS Plastic Sink Trap to your stub-out. Recommended procedure for installation for washing machine drain connection:
  1. Turn off water to washing machine.
  2. Remove the solvent weld elbow from Washing Machine Drain Connection and discard.
  3. Attach the slip nut on the IPS elbow (beveled side) to drain tube.
  4. Attach the second slip nut (flat side) to the threaded pipe stub-out. Hand tighten both nuts. Run water to test for leaks.

For IPS plastic sink trap purchase one J bend for P or S Trap:
  1. Turn off water at the tap.
  2. Discard nut and washers on the outlet side of the J Bend.
  3. Thread IPS Elbow (beveled side) onto J Bend.
  4. Remove nut A from inlet side of J Bend and select 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" washer.
  5. Put nut A and washer on tailpiece.
  6. Position IPS trap with elbow to stub-out and J Bend to tailpiece. Hand tighten nuts. Run water to test for leaks.

NOTE: These parts are designed for a hand-tight installation. Pipe thread compound is not required.


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