S Traps — Installation Instructions


  1. Turn off water at the tap.
  2. Remove old S Trap.
  3. Remove nuts A and D and washers B and C from inlet and outlet of the J Bend.
  4. Slip nut D along entire length of drain tube as illustrated.
  5. Slip flange over the drain tube.
  6. Attach drain tube to waste line at floor. Note: For new installations make sure you have the proper adapter in drain line to accept drain tube.
  7. Put washer C from outlet of J Bend on drain tube.
  8. Put nut A and washer B on tailpiece.
  9. Position J Bend. Hand-tighten nuts from tailpiece and drain tube.
  10. Align parts and tighten with wrench. Run water to test for leaks.
  11. Slide flange to the floor.
Installation hints:
  1. Since it traps items that may fall into the drain and blocks gases from the waste drain system, water and dirt will be present in the existing trap. Place a bucket under the old trap before attempting to remove it.
  2. Put thread sealant tape or pipe dope on the drain threads before attaching nuts. This will provide a better seal against leaks.
  3. Use a scrap of cloth to protect chrome finish on the nuts when you tighten with a wrench.
Pipe or Spud Wrench PP840-6 Pipe Dope PP854-2 or thread sealant tape PP855-1


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