Sink Strainers — Installation Instructions


Thumb Screw Style Kitchen Sink Strainer Stainless steel

  1. Remove all components from strainer body A.
  2. Apply plumbers putty between the strainer and the sink.
  3. Insert strainer body A firmly in place while installing under the sink, first rubber washer B and next steel pressure ring C, with the flat side against the rubber washer.
  4. Screw triangular retainer D onto the threaded shank of the strainer body. Hand tighten firmly.
  5. Hand tighten the three thumbscrews E on the triangular retainer.
  6. Place flanged tailpiece washer F onto tailpiece and install slip nut G with threads upward on the tailpiece. Screw slip nut G onto the threaded shank of the strainer body. Tighten firmly with wrench.


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