PO Plugs — Installation Instructions


1-1/4" Lavatory Strainer 5" Length

After the Vanity Strainer is installed, the Lift 'N Lok Top lets the water drain when it is pulled up and holds the water in the sink when it is pushed down. Recommended procedure for installation
  1. Turn off water at the tap.
  2. Remove old strainer.
  3. Clean thoroughly around drain opening in sink.
  4. Remove locknut A and washer B from new lavatory strainer.
  5. Apply a small amount of putty around the top of hole in sink.
  6. Insert vanity strainer. (Make sure portholes in strainer line up with sink overflow for proper drainage.
  7. Slip rubber washer B up to sink. Place locknut on tailpiece and tighten to sink. Run water to test for leaks.


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