Valves — Installation Instructions


Angle Valve Inlet 1/2" copper sweat Outlet 3/8" O.D. Chrome

  1. Turn off water supply leading to work area.
  2. Open faucet or flush toilet to remove water existing in line.
  3. Remove old valve.
  4. Slide flange over copper stub-out to wall.
  5. Place compression nut and sleeve on supply tube.
  6. Attach shut-off valve to copper stub-out. Position valve to receive supply tube.
  7. Solder shut-off valve to copper stub-out at point X.
  8. Thread compression nut and sleeve to shut-off valve.
NOTE: For a complete flexible water supply connection, follow instructions on supply tube cards.
Installation hints for soldering:
  1. Clean both tube and fitting to a bright metal.
  2. Apply solder flux to outside of tube and inside of fitting so that surfaces to be joined are completely covered.
  3. Apply flame to heat fitting and tube. Solder fitting until solder wire melts when placed at joint X.


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