J Bends — Installation Instructions


1-1/2" Sink Trap J Bend 1-1/2" 20 Gauge

The J Bend installs easily to a kitchen sink. For connection to a wall with an elbow. For a complete sink trap, purchase elbow for connecting to IPS or sweat and assemble as illustrated. Recommended procedure for installation P or S type trap:
  1. Turn off water at the tap.
  2. Remove old J Bend.
  3. Remove nut A from new J Bend and place on tailpiece as illustrated.
  4. Position J Bend. Tighten nuts A and B securely. Run water to test for leaks.
Installation hints:
  1. Since it "traps" items that may fall into the drain and blocks gases from the waste drain system, water and dirt will be present in the existing trap.
  2. Place a bucket under the old trap before attempting to remove it.
  3. Put thread sealant tape on the drain threads before attaching nuts. This will provide a better seal against leaks.
  4. Use a scrap of cloth to protect the chrome finish on the nuts when you tighten  with a pipe wrench.
Pipe or spud wrench (to remove old brass J Bend). Pipe dope or thread sealant tape


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