Tube threaded both ends — Installation Instructions


1-1/4" Threaded Tube 6" Length 20 gauge

The Threaded Tube installs easily to extend the waste connection from your lavatory sink to your drain connection. Used with sink casting. Recommended procedure for installation:
  1. Turn water off at the tap.
  2. Remove old tube.
  3. Measure distance X, as illustrated.
  4. Cut threaded tube to length with hacksaw.
  5. Thread tube into casting and join bottom to drain pipe. Tighten. Run water to test for leaks.
Installation hints:
  1. When using a hacksaw, draw the blade taut in the frame to keep it from flexing.
  2. Put thread sealant tape on the drain threads before attaching nuts. This will provide a better seal against leaks.
  3. Use a scrap of cloth to protect the chrome finish on the nuts when you tighten with a wrench.
Thread sealant tape Pipe or spud wrench Hacksaw