Flexible Plastic Items — Installation Instructions


1-1/4" Pop-Up Assembly Flex N Fix

For lavatories
Extends from 5-1/4" to 8-3/4"
Flexible Pop-Up Assembly Instructions:
NOTE: Do not loosen or remove body from tailpiece.
NOTE: Place a bucket under the sink to catch residual water and/or particles.
  1. Remove existing drainage fittings by loosening lock nut and slip nuts(E), remove trap and save.
  2. Remove lock nut and washer. Disconnect pop-up arm. Unscrew and remove existing flange.
  3. Wipe rim of basin hole clean. Apply plumber's putty to rim of hole.
  4. Slide lock nut (D) and rubber washers down to ensure proper clearance for nut.
  5. With pop-up in hole, install flange (F) on pop-up assembly.
  6. Push up rubber washer as far as it will go.
  7. Tighten lock nut (D) with wrench to seal plumbers putty under flange(F). Plumber's putty should squeeze out from around flange to make proper seal. Remove excess plumber's putty from around flange. Do not overtighten nut.
  8. Place tailpiece in correct position to fit into trap. Thread tailpiece with o-ring (I) into pop-up assembly. Replace trap removed in step #1, tighten both slip nuts (E).
Lift-Rod Assembly Instructions:
  1. Remove nut (C ) from pop-up.
  2. Slide nut (C ) onto ball rod from long end and insert into pop-up. Tighten nut (C ) so ball rod (G) moves easily, but securely. Place plunger in assembly, activate ball rod to insure plunger operates properly.
    NOTE: Plunger may be attached to ball rod by assembling rod through slot in bottom of plunger or left free by placing plunger on rod after rod assembly.
  3. Place pull-rod (B) down through hole behind faucet. Attach adjustable connector (H), selecting proper hole for ball rod. Pass ball rod through hole selected and tighten screws.
  4. Squeeze and push spring clamp (J) on ball rod (G) to desired length.
  5. Activate linkage, check for proper plunger action. Make linkage adjustments as necessary.
  6. Run in water in sink, check for proper plunger action and water leakage. Tighten connection as necessary.


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