MasterKit by Keeney for easy ordering, easy staging.

What is MasterKit?

MasterKit by Keeney is a cost-saving online tool that saves mid to large scale plumbing professionals time and money. Our kits make plumbing fixture trim professionals more efficient by reducing the time for staging of materials and allows them to perform quicker installations by having all the components they need in a single kit. Once your MasterKit is configured our Support team will notify your local wholesale agent.

Types of MasterKits:

  • Kitchen Sink Kits
  • Dishwasher Kits
  • Toilet Kits

Who can benefit from MasterKits?

Residential plumbing installers

  • Single-family Multi-family Repair & Replacement

Mechanical contractors

  • Mixed use development Health Care / Educational

MRO professionals

  • Residential and commercial rental property maintenance Multi-location property owners
  • Businesses

How can MasterKits save you money?

For the Installer:

  • Decrease set-up time by saving up to 26% of the staging costs
  • Improve labor productivity and efficiency by saving up to 21% by improving labor sequencing.
  • Reduce job site waste up to 17% by having reduced clean up costs ($0.10 to $0.50 per sq ft).
  • Reduce job site storage up to 25% by having fewer packages delivered and kitted ready to go.

For the Trade Channel Partner:

  • Reduce storage space up to 35% by removing large packages and multi-shipments.
  • Picking and staging efficiencies by 75% by having MasterKits do the work for you.
  • Reduce returns by 90% with accurately kitted materials.

How do I get my MasterKit?

Once your MasterKit is configured your local Keeney Supplier will contact you with your price.

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